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Snow Day Practice Tips

Hey Students!

There's no better way to spend a frigid, snowy day at home than cozying up with your flute...right?

Here are some practice tips we'll be discussing in our lessons this week.

1. Decide how much time you have to practice, and then divide that time into smaller segments. Practice something different in each segment. Have an hour? Turn that into three sets of 20 minutes, or four sets of fifteen minutes. Turn 30 minutes into two sets of fifteen minutes, three sets of ten minutes, or some combination. Turn fifteen minutes into three sets of five minutes, one set of five minutes and one set of ten get the idea.

2. HAVE A PLAN. Take each of those small sets of time and decide exactly what you want to accomplish in each one. Don't just wing it! Be specific.

3. Use a timer. A timer will ensure that you stick to your practice schedule. It'll also make you more focused and productive, since you're giving yourself a finite amount of time to get good work done!

4. Leave your phone alone. If possible, leave your phone in a different room while you practice. If you need to use your phone as a practice tool, put your phone on airplane mode and leave it out of reach.

5. Record and take notes. Track your progress each day by listening to yourself and recording your observations in your flute notebook. Use those observations to determine how to organize your practice time tomorrow!

In your notebook, you should record the following:

  1. Two positive observations. What went well? Be specific.

  2. Two areas that need attention. What could use some extra love and practice? How do you plan to practice them? Again, be specific.

  3. Two things you plan to work on tomorrow.

That's all for now! Have your notebooks ready for your lessons this week. We'll also be talking about our duo projects in your lessons this week, so stay tuned!

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