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December 2020 Flute Studio Recital

Hey there, students and parents!

Bravo to all of you for your hard work and perseverance this year. You are all learning and growing, and-- most importantly, I think-- you're all demonstrating the ability to keep working hard even when things get tough. I'm so proud of each and every one of you!

The recital program and video are at the bottom of this post. But first...shameless flute studio brag board!

Pan Fayang won the prize for "Best Halloween Solo Performance" in the University of Chicago's 2020 University Symphony Orchestra Halloween Contest. He also participated in a virtual workshop with flutist Evan Fojtik, and he got MARRIED (!!) on 12/19-- it's been a busy few months for Pan!

Emily Xu won first place in the Intermediate Division of the British International School of Chicago's Studio 814 Virtual Music Competition. Claire Kim and Gregory Corr each won third place in the Intermediate and Early Intermediate divisions, respectively.

Emily Xu and Lexi Schneider both recently participated in virtual workshops with Trillium Flute Collective. Lexi also participated in a virtual summer music program with Berklee College of Music.

Special shoutouts to Helen Seet, who started taking flute lessons in October and will surely soon be taking the flute world by storm, and to Debra Rade, who has returned to flute lessons after a few decades off with great musicianship and work ethic!

Extra credit goes to those of you who frequently arrive at your flute lessons in costume (I'm looking at you, Ainsley) with amusing anecdotes to share (ahem, Kasturi). Laughing together with all of you-- even through a computer screen-- genuinely brings me a lot of joy!

Recital Program:

Helen Seet, Jingle Bells by J. Pierpont

Gregory Corr, Chicken Chowder by Giblin

Emily Xu, Scherzino by Andersen

Ainsley Padgett, Sonata in F Major by Telemann

Kasturi Fuller, Dagda's Harp by Valerie Coleman

Claire Kim, Scherzino by Andersen

Lexi Schneider, Minuet and Spirit Dance by Gluck

Debra Rade, Algues by Andres

Pan Fayang, Fantasia No.10 by Telemann

Rachel Blumenthal, Piece for Solo Flute by Ibert**

**Yes, teachers need to practice too! (I'm not a great cinematographer...sorry.)

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1 Comment

Dec 21, 2020

Really enjoyed this recital. Your students are playing beautifully. Even as a "mature" person, I am very inspired by each and every one of your students. Lots of talent and hard work! Of course, we all aspire to play as well as Pan Fayang, to say nothing of our amazing teacher, Rachel. Dream big and pursue those dreams, right?!

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